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Xindacheng drip irrigation equipment contributes to the new development of Russian agriculture

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2021 will mark the conclusion of the two-year "China-Russia Year of Scientific innovation" and the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good-neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation between China and Russia.  "те нология дружбы»" the second season of the program "made in China and Russia" (" те нология дружбы») produced by People's Daily online on October 08, 2021 features the development of agricultural science and technology in China and Russia. In the program, we interview the New Century Agricultural Science and Technology Company, a Chinese enterprise that has taken root in Russia.  And its production of drip irrigation equipment was reported in detail, from which there is no lack of XINDACHENG  Zeanon brand high-speed drip irrigation equipment figure.  

70% of Russia's arable land is located in agricultural risk zones. The most common natural disasters are drought and dry winds. The best solution is to lay irrigation systems that supply water directly to the roots of crops, saving water, fertilizer, labor and energy.  For Russia, the drip irrigation technology experience of Chinese counterparts is worth learning from.  

New Century Agriculture is the largest drip irrigation belt manufacturer in Russia and an important partner of New Dacheng.  XINDACHENG Zeanon brand drip irrigation belt equipment with high speed and high yield provides stable support for the successful development of New Century Agricultural Company in the field of agricultural science and technology in Russia.