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Qingdao Xindacheng Patent Introduction (2)

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Patent 2. Dripper screening and feeder Technology: flat drippper & round dripper

The dripper screening conveyor and feeding unit is the first equipment for whole drip irrigation Pipe (tube)Production line, which is related to the core equipment of the production line that can be stabilized and well increasing whole line speed. To achieve a fast and stable supply of dripper, there are two levels of problems:

Firstly,  if eliminate the quality of the dripper itself: why alway dripper is stuck, the dripper can not be completely consistent, and the bottleneck problem-dripper supply is slow speed;

Secondly, it is a history problem for may user or manufacturer--in the case of a large number of defective quality dripper, how to ensure the continuous supply of the required dripper of the production line, and machinery non-stop. XINDACHENG's the patented technology device and proprietary  dripper storage technology and cylindrical dripper anti-blocking device provide us with an effective solution.