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Four sets PE fiber strapping production lines were sent to the Indian customer today.

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Four sets PE fiber strapping production lines were sent to the Indian customer today. This production line can produce strapping belt width: 60mm, 80mm, 90mm. The strapping belt has high strength, light and soft, strong system tension and impact resistance, good scalability and strong tension. 


Fiber strapping belt production line (polyester fiber belt equipment) is a new type of strapping belt equipment independently developed based on our company's multi-year PET/PP strapping belt production technology. It can produce one extrusion one, one extrusion two according to user requirements, with a width of 9-100mm and an optional output of 200-500kg /H. Over the years, it has been successfully exported to Canada, Saudi Arabia, India,Thailand, South Africa, uzbekistan, Turkey and other countries except China. The application field is also more and more extensive, such aspackaging industry geotechnical field, and even in many areas instead of the traditional steel belt, favored by customers.