Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line

Labyrinth type drip irrigation pipe machine (extrusion 4 tape)

Technology parameters:

ModelPipe thicknessPipe diameterLine speeddistance of holes
one straps four labyrinth drip irrigation pipe production line0.16-0.3mmφ12,16,20 mm≤100 m/min*4 100-800mm(Customizable)

Product description:

Labyrinth type drip irrigation pipe machine (extrusion 4 tape)

Feature: Wide labyrinth current, the current is turbulence type, multi-water outlet, strong anti-blocking.

1、Special designed screw, hardening and tempering, nitrogen treatment, high strength, high wear resistance, good moulding performance.

2、Dripper flow: 1.0-6.0L/H optional.

3、Six position winder. Auto wind and auto metering. Wind length can be set freely under 3000m.

4、Production line adopt PLC control system, realized synchronously speed adjustment, high automaticity, easy to operate.

5、One strap four labyrinth drip irrigation pipe, six position winder. Annual production>one hundred million meter.

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