Plastic sheet production line

Double screw extruder

Technical parameter:

conical twin screw extruder:

Screw diameter(mm)45/9951/10555/11060/12565/13280/15692/188
The screw rotates speed(r/min)454545404034.734.7
The biggest extruding capacity(kg/h)80125180250300500


Main motor power(kw)18.522303037-5555-7590-132
Heat power(kw)1518202028358

parallel twin screw extruder:


crew diameter(mm)658090107130
The screw rotates speed(r/min)50334510-3010-30
The biggest extruding capacity(kg/h)1602503306001000
Main motor power(kw)2222-305590-110100-160
Heat power(kw)1824385285

Product description:

1. Soft plastic design concept to ensure the quality of materials;

2. Very reliable and effective design concept ensures the reliable operation of extrusion. Special drive system with high torque, high strength alloy steel for teeth and axles, carburizing and grinding treatment;

3. The newly developed screw can be applied to the formulation with high filling capacity, which ensures good filling degree and optimal material flow distribution in the screw.

4. The screw has a core temperature regulating device and a good barrel cooling, which ensures the accurate control of material process temperature.

5. Equipped with different die heads and auxiliary machines, it can be used for extrusion moulding of various pipes, plates, profiles, soft and hard PVC granulation, etc.

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