Plastic sheet production line

EVA/POE Plastic Film Machine


 Application resin


Products width  

250-2500mm(custom cutting width can be inquiry

Products  thickness


Products layers   

Single layer, double layer, triple layer

Design speed  


Thickness deviation





Machinery Features:

EVA/POE film series Machine/EPE film series Machine/EP film (co-extrusion) equipment series has the following characteristics

1. According to customer needs can be diversified customized: single screw, multi screw, parallel twin screw, double step machine, etc.;  

2. Joint control thickness measurement/automatic thickness measurement to provide guarantee for high-quality production;  

3.  High precision intelligent control to provide maximum stability for the product;  

4.  The latest far infrared tempering process, precise temperature control, stainless steel and special insulation materials to achieve heat preservation and energy saving;

5. Roller adopts special double inlet, double outlet and multiple cross design to ensure roller surface temperature uniformity to the greatest extent;  

6. Edge material online recycling technology for customers to save the maximum cost;  

7. Mature EVA/POE solar film equipment solutions

8. Provide on-site layout and public works solutions

9. Provide modification equipment and public engineering solutions for solar film base material

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