Straps Extrusion Production line

Strapping Winder

Product description:

Full automatic winder:

Adopting touch screen control system,which can realize auto rolling, roll changing and roll discharging;

Paper tube auto transport, auto discharging when finished winding, auto taking out.

Semi-automatic strapping Winder:

1.Servo motor controls winder displacement width and distance,winder displacement can be on the computer according to strap's specification. 

2.Inverter closed loop controls winding speed. 

3.Winding width can be set per specific requirement. 

4.Automatically adjust winding tension. 

5.Tape reel offers perfect winding curve. 

6.Winding range from 5mm up to 32mm straps. 

7.It is suitable for roll core diameter of 200mm and 405mm,other roll core size can be customized per requirement.

Single Station Winder:

Double Station Winder:

Full automatic strapping Winder video:

Single Station Winder video:

Double Station Winder video:

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