PET/PP Strap Production Line

PET Strapping band Winder

Product description:

-- Servo motor controls winder displacement width and distance,winder displacement can be on the computer according to strap's specification. 

-- Inverter closed loop controls winding speed. 

-- Winding width can be set per specific requirement. 

-- Automatically adjust winding tension. 

-- Tape reel offers perfect winding curve. 

-- Winding range from 5mm up to 32mm straps. 

-- It is suitable for roll core diameter of 200mm and 405mm,other roll core size can be customized per requirement.

Hevay Jumbo Strapping band winder (300KG / roll)

-- Coiler apacity: winding coiler weight 300KG/coiler

-- Reel diameter: up to 1500mm

-- Servo traveling: According to the strap size, the winder computer system  automatically winding and travling strap without replacing any parts.

The reeled strap has excellent flatness, which meets automatic packing purpose.

Semi-automatic strapping Winder:

Single Station Winder:

Double Station Winder:

Full automatic strapping band Winder video:

Single Station Winder video:

Double Station Winder video:

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