Plastic sheet production line

Plastic Mixing Unit

Technical parameter:

Total Volume(L)200/500300/600500/1000
Valid Volume(L)150/320225-380375/640
Rotates speed of stiming blade(r/min)180/970/130470/950/130500/1000/100
Heat and coling modeElectricity/self-friction/water cooling
Mixing time(min.)6-106-106-10
Cooling time(min.)10-1510-1510-15
Outline dimensions(mm)4580x2240x24704725x2250x26434100x2800x2900

Product description:

This unit is developed on the basis of introducing advanced technology. It is mainly used in various resins and PE/PP/PVC ingredients, mixing, drying and drying of ABS polycarbonate and other plastics before processing.

The unit combines the hot mixing with the cold mixing process, completes the automatic entry of hot mixing materials into the cold mixing to cool them, eliminates residual gases, and prevents caking.

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