Dripper & Inject Mold

In-Line PC Dripper Assembling Machine

Product Description:

In-Line pressure compensated dripper fully automatic assembly:

The equipment frame adopts square steel welding, sheet metal door, and the surface is sprayed with plastic; the upper frame adopts aluminum alloy frame, acrylic and aluminum alloy door frame; The equipment parts are steel parts and aluminum parts, the surface is chrome plated or oxidized, and the surface of sheet metal parts is sprayed with plastic..

The top of the machine is equipped with three-color alarm light, which can intuitively monitor the running state of the equipment, and alarm when the equipment is stuck or abnormal. The fault can be quickly judged by color and the fault information of the touch screen.  

Visual label processing for each station component corresponds to PLC, touch screen, driver end of solenoid valve, output and input of control component, which is convenient for operation, debugging and maintenance

The motion driving elements of the equipment are mainly servo motors, stepper motors and cylinders, and sensors are installed in each part to prevent errors.

The tooling and wearing parts of the equipment are marked and the drawings are put on record and the technical instructions are made.



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