Pipe Production Line

PVC Layflat Hose Production Line

Technique parameter:

ModelExtruder power(kw)Product rangeWoring pressureBurst pressure
XDC-SJ55111"-2"4-8 bar16--25
XDC-SJ7518.52"-4"3-6 bar11--25
XDC-SJ90374"-6"3-6 bar9-11
XDC-SJ12055/756"-8"2-4 bar9-11

Production description:

1. The production line consists of extruder,die head and mould,yarn holder,yarn wearen winding unit,drying unit,cooling unit,pressed traction unit and winder;

2. Depending on customer's requirement and different pressure,hose extrusion line can be installed with either single-layer or multi-layer hose extrusion units;

3. The advantage of PVC flexible tubes(lay flat) hose are light weight,soft,acid,alkali,can be arbitrarily bent and folded,easy to clean and winding,hig pressure resistance,corrosion resistance,anti-aging advantages;

4. It is widely used for agriculture irrigation,oil and gas transportation,fire hose and other areas.It is one of the best transportation choices on the market in reference to high-pressure hose liquid;

5. Suitable temperature:10℃-60℃.

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