Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line

round dripper irrigation pipe machine

Technical parameter:

ItemPipe diameterPipe thicknessProduction speedDistance of dripperNumber of punched holes
Ordinary speedΦ12-16-20mm0.5-1.5mm80m/min100-1000mm2 holes

Product description:

       round dripper irrigation pipe machine

Be used for identification and inserting round dripper, PC dripper of all length(optional).

High-speed dripper screening and insertion system

         Be used for identification and inserting Φ12-16-20mm round dripper

         Inserting speed: 400pcs/min

         With servo driving very precisely controlled dripper insertion system

         Dripper screening, inserting, space are operated by PLC system

Automatic punching technology 

         Speed:400pcs drilling/min,Used for driling double drip hole,four drip hole

         Controlled by serco motor,to achieve precision drilling

         Provide customer with remote support service

Double station automatic winder    

Automating the automatic line, winding, changing, and metering of drip irrigation pipes

The winding speed and the number of meters per roll are easily controlled by the PLC man-machine interface;

The production speed of the equipment is 80m/min.

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