PET/PP Strap Production Line

PP/PE Fiber strapping band extrusion machine

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Product description:

PP Fiber strapping band extrusion machine: PP fiber packing belt (polyester fiber flexible packing belt) is made up of many strands of polyester fiber. Is a safe, fast and economic package with. Has the characteristics of high strength, good weather resistance, safe use, high efficiency and environmental protection, etc.. Widely used in packing, goods transport goods bundled, delicate surface coating on the surface of goods packing, goods transport supplies fastening and binding, the oil and gas pipeline reinforcement, composite reinforcement, pressure vessel construction, civil engineering reinforcement etc.. In particular, it is simple and easy to use, the use of a relatively simple belt buckle, without any energy (such as: power, compressed air) without any auxiliary tools can be tied, the applicable environment is very broad.

Characteristics of production equipment:

• Strict compliance with safety standards.

• Humanized design, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient.

• Precision manufacturing, reasonable configuration, lower noise, higher yield, longer service life.

• High speed and stable production, line speed up to 200m/min.

PE Fiber strapping band extrusion machine:

PP Fiber strapping band extrusion machine:

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