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Flat dripper

Technical parameter:

Product description:

We XINDACHENG produce single-hole dripper, middle-hole dripper, double-hole dripper and pressure-compensated dripper, and the corresponding flat drip irrigation pipe/tape. 

Our dripper Injection molds  are imported directly from Europe and technical cooperation. Ensure that the technical process and dripper accuracy of the product reach the advanced level in Europe.


Different kinds of drippers:

Thin-wall flat drip irrigation pipe:

Permanently fixed within a set of seamless drip tape emitters, seamless structure, improving the ability to withstand pressure fluctuations. Using the most advanced and modern equipment, computer for on-line quality control to ensure reliable and stable quality of the pipe. PE produced with super pure raw materials, to ensure a very small dimensional tolerances and a high degree of scalability. Long enough and unique vortex flow channel and the wide cross-section, uniform flow, and a certain compensation performance. Widely used in high density planting crops.

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