Drip irrigation Pipe System

Euro dripper

Product description:

--Qingdao Xindacheng imported from Europe, China exclusive agent

●High economic benefit,the dripper weighs only 0.1g.
●Ultra-compact and compact size of the flow channel.
●Large filter cross-section, wide labyrinth structure.
●Strong anti-blocking, improved flow stability.
●Small and lightweight, easy to hold, easy rewinding.
●Highly advanced flow rate control performance deviation, CV value less than 3%.
●Greatly improved production speed: after switch to the dripper, the original production of drip irrigation equipment identification speed can be increased by 30%.
●Dripper flow rate0.8L, 1.0L, 1.3L,1.6L and  2.0L/H.

Nano Flat Dripper

Cyclone PCND Flat Dripper

Turbo Flat Dripper

Turbo Compact Round Dripper:

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