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The high-speed drip irrigation pipe production line has once again settled in Europe

From:Xindacheng Date:2023-08-05 15:20:29 【 Font: Big Middle Small

     At the end of July, two sets high-speed drip irrigation pipe production lines ordered by European customers passed inspection and were packed and shipped in early August. At this point, the high-speed drip irrigation pipe production line of Xindacheng Company has once again settled in Europe.



     The high-speed drip irrigation pipe production line is a water-saving drip irrigation technology project jointly promoted by Xindacheng Company, European AAS Company, and the Water Resources and Hydropower Research Institute. It integrates European and XinDacheng technologies and is developed based on actual situations. A highly automated production line that integrates machinery, light, electricity, and gas. This production line has obtained 16 national patents and copyrights. It fully realizes a series of production work functional units such as droplet screening, identification, transportation, droplet pasting, traction, fully automatic drilling, and winding at high speed, all of which are controlled by servo motors, with more outstanding stability, automation, convenience, and precision functions.


     As of now, the high-speed embedded drip irrigation belt production line produced by Xindacheng Company has been spread to various countries and regions around the world, such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, etc., and has been highly praised by users.