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Xindacheng invites you to visit Algeria International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

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The opening of Algeria International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition is approaching. QingdaoXindacheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. will participate in the industry event with more than 200 exhibitors.

March 4-6, Algeria International Exhibition Center, Booth No. A.O24

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Xindacheng is committed to providing customers with integrated solutions, then Xindacheng will have a professional technical team, always respond to the needs of customers during the meeting, to bring you quality service experience. In addition, as an open and inclusive enterprise, Xindacheng is always willing to explore the pain points of the industry with an open mind and insight into the future of the industry.

While actively layout the international market, Xindacheng has always adhered to the localization strategy, facing the Algeria region, launched the following products:

Drip Mould,EVA/POE Cell Plastic Film Production Line

PET/PP packaging belt production line, Pipe Production Line:

Interal Round Dripper Irrigation Pipe Production Line, High Speed Flat Dripper irrigation Pipe Production Line:

Taking the exhibition as an opportunity to answer questions and questions for customers present, Xindacheng is committed to providing you with a complete set of solutions for plastic extrusion equipment.