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Turkish Rubber & Plastics 2023: An indispensable exhibition for the plastics industry!

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The Istanbul International Plastics Industry Exhibition is the largest plastics industry exhibition held annually in Europe and is organized by TUYAP in cooperation with PAGEV (Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation) at the TUYAP International Expo Center in Istanbul.


Turkey's plastics industry is an important contributor to the country's economic development, with a total output of more than 10 million tons and an annual growth rate that exceeds the growth of the gross national product over the past decade, making it an important player in the Turkish economy, plastics have become an indispensable part of life, involving construction, transportation, agriculture and other fields.


As The Times require, our company will launch: high speed internal flat dripper irrigation pipe production line, high speed round dripper irrigation pipe production line, PET/PP packaging belt production line, drip mould, as well as HDPE/PVC pipe production line and EVA/POE solar cell plastic film production line. We believe that these devices will fully demonstrate the strength and innovation of the new Dacheng Group in the field of plastic extrusion industry.


According to the statistics of the exhibition, there will be more than 52,361 professional visitors from Turkey and a total of 106 countries around the world to visit this exhibition, the Turkish market demand is strong, the exhibition provides a comprehensive and convenient platform for both parties to negotiate transactions.


 QingdaoXinDacheng is looking forward to your arrival!