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exhibition invitation|Qingdao Xin Dacheng with a variety of products, will soon appear in the 10th Beijing International Irrigation Technology Expo

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Gather global wisdom and share the world's advanced water-saving irrigation technology. As one of the three major irrigation events in the world, the conference opens up a new frontier of irrigation technology with a global perspective, promotes the sustainable development of global water-saving irrigation production, and provides a broader communication and display platform for enterprises and audiences in the global irrigation industry.

Energy saving and consumption reduction, enterprises first

Qingdao Xin Dacheng uses recycled materials to produce only 0.1g lightweight dropper with a wall thickness of only 0.12mm


Industrial drive, wonderful automatic

Qingdao Xin Dacheng uses automatic drilling, automatic transmission, automatic monitoring alarm device, automatic winding, reducing staff and increasing efficiency, creating automated enterprises


Production rate, record high

The continuous and stable production speed of Qingdao Xin Dacheng can reach 450m/min under the raw material formula