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Exhibition dynamics | Go hand in hand, then embark on a new journey!

From:Xindacheng Date:2024-04-26 18:10:45 【 Font: Big Middle Small

During the exhibition, it was widely recognized by users from many different industries, and the on-site booth was popular and consulted constantly. After hundreds of millions of times of grinding and continuous innovation investment, today's drip irrigation belt production equipment can run up to 450m/min per minute, the texture of embedded chip dripper is only 0.1 grams, and the double-pot design can screen more than 4500 drippers per minute. Storage drops can reach more than 1000, to achieve the perfect integration with drip irrigation belt. Automatic winder automatically completes winding, changing, meter counting and cutting without manual operation.

There are also packaging belt products and solar film production equipment, Xin Dacheng continues to work in the field of PP/PET extrusion technology and plastic sheet film, a new generation of packaging belt production line output of up to 800 kg per hour, in addition, Xin Dacheng and head enterprises to cooperate to promote plastic sheet film production line to speed up commercial use.

This exhibition can see more customers' faces, this event gathered business, Western Europe, North America, Southeast Asia customers traveled thousands of miles to our booth, to see the style of Qingdao Xin Dacheng, the popularity is beyond imagination! At the same time, we are more pleased to see that some people outside the industry are also interested in Xin Dacheng's products, from interest, to further understanding, and finally establish contact with Xin Dacheng, and truly realize the original intention and mission of the exhibition "industry talk, innovation and sharing".

The gluttony feast in the rubber and plastic industry ended successfully today, Qingdao Xin Dacheng and you meet in the future, looking forward to our meeting again!