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Xindacheng PP strap production line(One ording four)exported to Pakistan

From:Xindacheng Date:2016-11-19 10:20:03 【 Font: Big Middle Small

The PP strap production line exported to Pakistan represents a breakthrough of Xindacheng Strap production technology.

1.        5mm strap production curvature is controlled less than 12mm;

2.       It is equipped with new type PLC control system, which realizes higher level of automation;

3.       The equipment is run by natural gas instead of electric. The natural grass is more environments friendly. 

Natural grass is also cheaper, which reduced the production cost in great degree. That won high praise from the clients.

Xindacheng PP strap production can provide production equipments as clients requirement.

-Production specification: 5mm-32mm

-Choice of ording one, two, four and eight straps.

-The whole production line is controlled by PLC system, which helps clients to operate the machine conveniently and control the production quality.