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Grain in Ear: Busy completion of customer orders, no waste of "Grain in Ear" season time.

From:Xindacheng Date:2019-06-09 10:52:17 【 Font: Big Middle Small

Our XINDACHENG workshop is busy in manufacturing and installation customer's order: PP strap machinery, Flat drip irrigation machinery, HDPE pipe Production line. Customer orders are for our trust, we work meticulously, to be responsible for customers, to bear the "Grain in Ear" season time.

Pre-Announcement: HDPE 250 pipe production line, and 3 units HDPE630 pipe production lines are successively at the end of June, and in July and August; the Strapping band production line will be worked at the end of June; the 2 units flat drip irrigation pipe production line will have a test for customer acceptance in July. Anyone who Interested in our product,  please contact us, pay attention to our WeChat, pay attention to the updated news.