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Breaking the epidemic blockade, the XINDACHENG drip irrigation belt production line and supporting equipment were delivered to customers in South Asia

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Zeanon is an independent brand developed by Qingdao Xindacheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. through years of research and accumulation of water-saving irrigation technology and cooperation with well-known European drip irrigation manufacturers.Zenong series products cover all aspects of drip irrigation field, including water saving technology research and development, water saving engineering design, drip irrigation products and a full set of drip irrigation production line.The high-speed drip irrigation production line sent to Thailand this time has a stable production speed of up to 350m/min. Equipped with injection molding machine and 128 cavity semi-hot runner mold, it supplies 0.8L/H flow emitter to the production line.

Breaking the epidemic blockade, follow-up orders have been packed and ready, the shipping date is scheduled.If you need drip irrigation belt production line equipment, friends who pack the production line can rest assured to buy. New Dacheng provides lifelong remote debugging service, so that you will have no worries after purchasing the equipment.