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The successful in CHINAPLAS 2018, get purchase orders from European and Asia.

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During exhibition period, our XINDACHENG company success demonstrate in 330㎡ space:

1. Complete New flat drip irrigation pipe machine ,  continuous running speed 300m/min, dripper space 200mm, at exhibition. Double sets Dripper feeder+ buffer technology, 3 sets Drilling devices, and advanced& stable control system, Shock customers at home and abroad:  It is the same as NO. 1 leading technology in the world.

 Achievement: Directly get two purchase orders on exhibition from European buyer and South Asia buyer. 

2.  Complete High round drip irrigation Pipe Production line, running speed 100m/min, and demonstrate full aumatically pipe winder,  online strapping packing system.  

Achievement: Directly get one order from China local buyer on exhibition.  

3.  Krah Pipe Production Line (Large Caliber PE Winding Structural Wall Pipe Production Line),  4 sets Co-extruder Technology system. Patent technology in the world.  

 Achievement:  Attract More customers, and get one purchase order from Russia buyer. 

4. PET& PP strapping Production line, Back-flush Screen Changer and  advanced strapping winder Attract customer order.