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Sent high-speed flat drip irrigation pipe Production Line and dripper to UKraine

From:Xindacheng Date:2017-09-08 08:55:21 【 Font: Big Middle Small

We have examined new type inline high-speed flat drip irrigation pipe Production Line, which is produced by XINDACHENG PLASTIC MACHINERT CO.,LTD. Insure on time shipping performance.

After a long and unremitting self-development and continuous self-innovation, our production line can produce dripper up to 220 m/min, thickness min 0.12mm and our dripper screening device using new dripper buffer unit, thus ensures the speed of dripper supply can up to 1500pcs/min.  In addition, using double set auto punching device, which is equipped with online monitor indentify system, and thus guarantee the  punching speeed  more than 1200pcs/min. The system can realize automatically analyze and supervise the dripper,make sure product quality.