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High-speed thin-wall drip irrigation line production line Working

From:Xindacheng Date:2018-09-08 12:00:20 【 Font: Big Middle Small

Our XINDACHENG company recently has domestic and foreign customers will inspect & accept the drip irrigation pipe production line. Including: the high-speed  drip irrigation pipe production line (speed: 300 m / min, three punching machines) which is purchased by Indian and Iranian customers respectively  ;  The thin-wall drip irrigation pipe machine purchased by Vietnam and Uzbekistan  (speed 200 m / min, two punching machines). The thin-wall Pipe thickness: 0.12 mm and the big thickness is 0.9 mm.

Warmly welcome visit the Qingdao Xindacheng Factory on September 10th-20th to visit the above machienry running. 

Eidtor making a notice: In early October,  cylindrical drip irrigation pipe production line (speed 120 m / min, automatic winder), and HDPE pipe production line (diameter 630 mm) equipment will be completed which has bought by African customers. The customer representatives will arrive at the factory checking.Warmly welcome visit. Please pay attention to our XINDACHENG WeChat public number.