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Over the weekend, two different types and specifications of packaging belt equipment produced by xindacheng were shipped one after another

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Export: PET & PP strapping Production line (Extrusion 8 straps)

PET Strap  production line (Heavy model, with 9-25mm, Extrusion 4 stras)&PP Strapping production line (with 5-19mm, Extrusion 8 straps),  after "tricky" buyers at different levels of acceptance, the equipment shipped.

Fiber soft strap production line,(Polyster fiber strap) is of high strength, the material is as strong as stainless steel. It is lightweight and soft. The strap weights less than 20% of iron sheet. No sharp edge which may hurt the carge or worker. No rust no decomposition, no deformation. Wide applicable temperature and climate. It can work normally under 40℃-130℃ temperature. Strong linear and systematic tension. It can cushion a huge impact in transportation. Good scalability. It has excellent ductility and tightness. Soft texture and no harmless to the cargo surface. Specialized strap buckle is needed. Manual plastic strap tightener should be employed for heavy loads binding.


--General sepecifications:13mm 16mm   19mm  25mm 32mm;

--Xindacheng specification: 40mm, 60mm,  65mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm.