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Machinery Delivery Season - A Busy week

From:Xindacheng Date:2018-10-30 09:22:51 【 Font: Big Middle Small

In the Golden autumn of October, it is a harvest season for the customers, and it is also a busy season for our XINDACHENG.

In particular, from 15th to 22nd OCT,  we received customer acceptance equipment from different countries, and successively completed the packaging and delivery of 6 sets of production lines and other Pipe and PET/PP Straps equipment, and the volume of 16 units 40ft containers: 

There are orders for agricultural pipe projects shipped to South African customers: HDPE pipe production line (630mm), high-speed cylindrical drip irrigation pipe production line, Dripper mold,  PVC pipe production line (250mm);   Also exported to Russia with high-speed patch drip tape production line  (300 meters / min),  Vietnam's Flat drip tape production line and dripper molds, as well as PET Strapping production line which exported to the Middle East  KSA.