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Patent article:Double hole double flow dripper and drip irrigation pipe

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Our company,Qingdao XinDaCheng plastic machinery co.LTD not only focuses on the innovation, research and development of the drip irrigation pipe production line technology,but also the dripper itself.For many years,our company has studied the practical application effect of the different dripper styles in drip irrigation pipes,finally developed a new kind of dripper which has more suitable for various water flow effects, and high anti-blocking performance.In addition to breaking through the long-term use of the single-hole dripper style in China, we have already developed the double-outlet structure dripper which each outlet can be set with the different water flow rate so that the dripper can have two different flow rates.Using this kind of the dripper technology,our company has created a new type of the drip irrigation pipe,which is called the double hole double flow drip irrigation pipe.

In 2012,this new type of dripper and the drip irrigation pipe with the dripper obtained the National Utility Model Patent Certificate of China and got the National Invention Patent Number:ZL 2012 1 0283193.7.

As our company continues to market this new dripper and its related products.More and more users in China and abroad have accepted and applied this dripper and drip irrigation pipe.However some factories in China use this technology without our permission and authorization,or private temporary engraving mold to produce this dripper and the drip irrigation pipe for selling,that serious infringe our company’s intellectual property.At this time ,our company want to warn these enterprises which infringe our company’s intellectual property to stop the infringing,and we will protect our intellectual property through legal procedures if someone continue to infringe our intellectual property.