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Important New: Running PP strapping machinery (Extrusion 8 straps)

From:Xindacheng Date:2017-10-21 11:05:51 【 Font: Big Middle Small

Qingdao  Xindacheng company recently focused on PET and PP Strap Production line to start a demonstration.  Warmly welcome our all friends & clinets, especially before the need to inquiry with our strap customers. This is a good chance for your visit!

1. PP Strap production line (extrusion 2 straps,Two production lines at the same time running):

--Demonstration time: 2017-10-24  

--Producing strap? width: 5mm, 16mm

2. PET Strap production line (extrsuion 4 straps)

-- Demonstration time: 2017-10-30 & 31

-- Producing strap? width:  12mm and 22mm

3. PP Strap production line (extrusion 8 straps)

-- Demonstration time: 2017-11-01

--Producing strap? width:  5mm

If you need any other information, please feel free to contact and pay attention to the XinDacheng WeChat public information:zgsljx .